Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Gentleman Project

By Kyle Slavin
A movement of value.  This is what we hope to accomplish.  A movement of people who wish to bring value and positivity into a world filled with tactlessness.  Whether it is a kind gesture or a well placed compliment, a held door or a “bless you” after a sneeze, we wish to ignite a passion in the men who follow us.

Just by reading this, you have sparked an interest. You WANT to be a gentleman.  You wish to be the classiest version of yourself possible, and you KNOW the endless amount of possibilites that open for you, as a gentleman.

Why not be better?  Why not look better?  Why not feel empowered in your own skin?

We all have the ability to be superheroes, to walk the streets as men of greatness.  To wear the best outfit we have, and to act as the best we know.  To show empathy, humility, and class, regardless of the situation or stress involved.  And to be the best version of ourselves, no matter what may try to keep us from it.

To move as the Gentlemen move, as the great men before us have done.

There is literally nothing stopping you.  You CAN learn the style and class of a well-trimmed custom suit.  You SHOULD learn how to tie a bow-tie.  And you WILL be able to woo your lady by showing the perfect grace and honor that she deserves, because that is the way it has been passed down to us.  

This is how we learn what to teach our children.  A life of value.  A life of success.  And a life with the constant desire and achievement of our highest capability.  

A Gentleman is made, not born, and it starts with you.

* * *

This week, we are recruiting trainees for the Gentleman Project.  

Like a flash-mob of chivalry and etiquette, we are descending on high-populous areas and simply being the best we can be.  We are opening doors, greeting strangers, smiling, helping folks across the street, picking up litter, and doing all the honorable acts that our ideal selves should be doing.  

We are the strongest.  We are the most honorable.  We are the Gentleman Project.

We hope that our acts and good graces will elicit a change in the mentality of the Modern Men around us.  No longer will selfish acts and egotism rule the day.  

We believe that the only way to raise the value of society is as one Gentleman at a time.  Join us in our vision of a better and tasteful lifestyle.  What can YOU do to be a Gentleman today?

You are now a part of this movement.  In a time of chaos and tumult, vulgarity and bad taste, the American Gentleman wishes to begin the greatest movement of value.  

Will you join us, Gentlemen?

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