Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gent Motivation 101: Interaction for Motivation

Last week I test drove this....

470 Horsepower
V12 Engine
MSRP: $210,915.00
Now I don’t make anywhere near enough to afford such a vehicle but that’s not the point. I went on the test drive for one purpose; motivation.
Is it crazy that I test drove a car that’s well beyond my means? Not really, my aspiration of owning an Aston Martin is a long term goal.  Material goals are desired possessions, and like any material object, someone already has it. Of all the visualization and goal setting exercises there’s nothing like physically interacting with one’s goal for a boost in motivation.  So I stopped day dreaming and browsing Internet photos of the Rapide and took myself to the one place that has it, the dealership.
The end result? The test drive lit a fire under my ass and I’m motivated  more than ever to continue striving and grinding so that I may one day own it.
Let’s face it, we all have goals. Big and small, idealistic and materialistic, short and long term.  As the rapper Nas once put it “No idea’s original, there’s nothing new under the Sun, it’s not what you do but how its done.”  This is especially true of goals  regardless if its something you dream of one day doing or owning. Chances are there is another human being who is living your dream or has acquired your desired object.
Of the few people who actually create  a goal and the fewer who’ve set a time frame and have begun working towards it, the number of those who’ve actually interacted with their desired outcome is minuscule.It comes as no surprise that goal abandonment is common as time elapses and conditions change. That “I can conquer all” spark is extinguished once time, money and life get in the way. That is why motivation through interaction is so critical.
Pictures will NEVER motivate you like sitting in the driver seat of your dream car. The same goes for all you entrepreneurs, athletes, and future moguls. Watching from the sidelines is cool in the beginning, but a conversation with an already established person in your desired field can provide insight and motivation you never knew existed.
As a Gent you should be building a network of individuals who inspire and motivate. You may not know a millionaire, astronaut or mogul but ask yourself this, have you ever bothered even trying to locate one? Dreams without action is just sleep. Get off the computer, go outside and start interacting with your goals. The motivation and insight provided will serve you well on your journey.
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  1. great post! What is funny is my girlfriend/business partner was going to get here Jeep in a few months. That was her dream car... Not anymore - She said her real dream car is an Aston Martin and if she wants an AM she is going to skip the jeep and go straight for it! It is also Aston Martin's 50th Anniversary so she is going crazy over them! We will have to go test drive one soon then to give us some motivation. I am always what some people call window shopping, but in reality I am planning what I really want. Last week I found a watch I finally liked, open faced and nice band... Armani- Around $500, not bad, not pocket change, but I made sure to try it on take a good "feel" for it, and now I am excited cause I will get the watch soon and it is the watch I want, not one I settled for. Thanks for your post!

    My Site - www.epikinnovations.com and the Aston Martin lover - www.the16thbar.com Trust me she will get one!