Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Understated Elegance

Understated Elegance is a subject that's not always exposed and brought to the attention of others because the name itself represents an incognito way of style and living. Understated Elegance upholds the principles of "less is more". I've noticed that not bringing attention to myself at most times is more appealing than trying to prove my significance to others. (Now-a-days we live in a world where people are desperate to prove their significance.) I hope that makes senseto you, a good example focusing on the approach of letting everything come to you. 

This isn't just for style and fashion, it's also a lifestyle. But to incorporate how it works, a impressionable gentleman with a impeccable look, will present himself in a way that shows you that he's all about business, and has built a professionalism around his attire. It may be a tailored blazer, or watch, or shoes that don't scream look at me I'm expensive, the look will compliment the attire. Or when it comes to the lifestyle aspect of understated elegance, the way you carry yourself can speak volumes. You can let people know what you do by mentioning the field you're in, but you don't have to go into details. This will only create an impressionable image that draws curiosity. Understated Elegance. Be quick to lend a another your ear, but not your tongue.

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